3 Headed for Hawaii!


If a view of Lake Michigan weren’t romantic enough, the ‘three’ will have their shot at finding love in one of the most swoon-worthy places on earth–Hawaii! Next week, April, Rachel and Libby will be flying to the remote island of Lanai to test the waters with their final two men. Better yet, they’ll be staying at the Four Seasons Resort on Manele Bay, perched atop a rugged, red-lava cliff, overlooking one of the most beautiful white-sand beaches in the world!

Who will make the cut this time? Leave your answer in the comments!


3 to Return as Online Exclusive!

Mark your calendars, because you won’t be left high and dry after just two episodes of 3!

CBS announced today the relationship series will return as an online exclusive for So, don’t worry–you will find out whether April, Rachel and Libby found love, and with whom! Episodes will be posted every Monday starting next week.

Who do you think they’ll end up with? Will any of the three decide to go it solo?


Alex Talks Reality TV on Your Weekend with Jim Brickman

Turn up the radio this weekend! Alex Miranda is going to be on Your Weekend with Jim Brickman talking about the differences between 3 and every other reality dating show on television.

Jim Brickman is a Grammy-nominated songwriter and pianist. He is the most charted male Adult Contemporary artist to date. And his radio show, Your Weekend with Jim Brickman, is celebrating 15 years on the air.

Find where to listen to the interview here.

Alex Miranda: “You can’t find love in a six-pack.”

Isn’t it so true? From where to and not look for love (or proposals), to dating in today’s day and age, and getting real about reality TV, Senior Associate Editor Faye Brennan and Alex covered a lot of bases this afternoon! Here’s an excerpt from their interview:

“Secondly, never try to fill a void. If you want a man because of x, y and z, throw that mentality out the window. Work on yourself first, and if you love who you are and what you’re doing, you’ll find that you won’t need someone, you’ll just want someone.”

Read the rest, including Alex’s take on typical reality dating shows, here.

In Touch Weekly Features Cast of 3!

Premiere week has been a busy one! And it’s hard to believe that Sunday is just a few days away. But amidst all the chaos, it was a pleasant surprise to catch Alex and the three women featured in this week’s In Touch Weekly! When you pick up your copy, ignore the premiere date, though–it changed from July 29th to the 26th, at 10 p.m.

How excited are you about the first episode? Would you want to meet 100 guys before going on the first date too?